About Us

Rojbey… is a signature written on to the night!

Rojbey woman reflects deep feeling like the night time… She puts creativity which comes from her nature into production and her passion into global brand name.

Rojbey successfully blended the traditional touch with Haute Couture line and added new dimension to Turkish Couture by elevating the elegance in woman fashion. By emphasising womanly details but also keeping clear lines, and cherishing the exquisite, romantic mood in design approach in production with high grade fabrics and elaborately crafted materials Rojbey creates distinct way in fashion world.

Günbeyi Textile has got a good reputation as a brand name in Europe, Balkans and Middle East which is increasing since the date of foundation at 1995. And now using its expertise in the field and aiming to create another successful name, Günbeyi Textile giving promotion to its new brand Rojbey into the international market. Rojbey created a modern and feminine line with its a fresh, bold and visionary approach by blending the past and the future in its original way since its foundation date at 2010.

Rojbey is already an internationally known brand and its Haute Couture designs proudly taken place in famous selling points and boutiques all around the world. And you will see more…